What if Google substituted the vote?


For the second year in a row, Google was able to predict the winner of Eurovision (a prize that France hasn’t won since 1977 with Marie Myriam 😉 ).
Last year, Google predicted that Norway would take home top prizes through an analysis of search terms.  Based on the Google search, a software program measures the popularity of each candidate and calculates the number of votes that he would have if the contest took place on the same day.  Despite the vagaries of the Eurovision voting system (in some countries the vote is open, in other countries, it goes to a jury), Google was still able to predict the success of Germany during Saturday’s finale in Oslo.  Still, Google’s betting system isn’t perfect: Armenia, which Google placed in 2nd place, finished in 7th place.  Turkey (below) finished in 2nd place and not in 10th place as Google had predicted.  As for France, my country came in 12th place and sadly, not in 7th.

Whatever you might think of the performances, we should admire Google’s ability to measure the popular vote fairly accurately.  Will Google one day be able to accurately predict the results of a presidential election?


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