What if Google Plus was more pro than Facebook?


Without a doubt, Google has done a great job launching Google Plus which has generated a highly positive buzz among all the beta users. And this is not just due to a launch that gave journalists, bloggers and other geeks special access in the spirit of “Small World”. The real reason is in the well thought-out layout and the service that combines the best of Twitter and Facebook, bringing about intelligent functions such as Circles (for managing circles of friends), Sparks (for sending out regular information) and Hangout (see below film) to video conference with various friends, not to mention the intelligent mobile app.


These functions appear to me particularly useful in buesiness: you may not want to post the same message on the walls of all your clients, suppliers, colleagues and journalists. This why I think Circles is so intelligent. What’s more, Hangout is the perfect tool to lead

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an improvised meeting. And Sparks allows you to program by key worlds a professional surveillance. Of course, Google Plus isn’t just for business, and we can imagine that its ambition is no smaller than Facebook’s. But at time when so many business are migrating to Gmail and where Facebook is used more and more during office hours, one could imagine that Google Plus will find more professional users than “hobby” users. What could be more natural then, when going into Gmail checking out various Google Plus notifications? Also, Google Plus can allow users to update their contacts through Circles, which will allow for a much more organized way of organizing your network. This reminds me of the French sparkling water brand, Badoit, that became number 1 in it’s category by being placed in restaurants. Maybe Google Plus will conquer

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Facebook via the office?


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