What if Facebook finally realized the importance of advertising?

Facebook | The things that connect us.


I’ve heard it said often enough, “There are big brands that have no need for advertising, look at Facebook, for example…” Oftentimes I simply say that advertising isn’t always a necessity, but it is always an opportunity to create an intangible asset that is an investment for the future, when the competitive landscape has already

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changed. It gives the sense of the company beyond its founder. Apple is a perfect example. And in general I add, “Look, even Google has a TV commercial. One day or another, Facebook will too!” That day for Facebook is today, with a film entitled, The things that connect us, by Weiden+Kennedy. I’m not quite sure that this is an ad I would’ve made for Facebook, because personally I find it rather conventional, but its existence shows nonetheless that Facebook—a means of communication that sometimes communicates rather awkwardly—shows progress.

Google Chrome | Dear Sophie




Update 10/10/2012 : Since last week, there has been a slew of parodies of the Facebook TV ad. Here are a few of the most viewed ones:

Are chairs like Facebook?


Mashable | Chairs


Kkortez | Facebook Chairs


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