What if everyday was spent in the New York Times newsroom?

As of this Monday, everyone now has access to the New York Times newsroom, thanks to “TimesCast” a daily news video taken from the paper’s Page One meetings.  Just as “The West Wing” showed us the daily workings of the (fictionalized) Whitehouse, “TimesCast” lets us go behind-the-scenes of the New York Times.  Now we can watch editors and journalists “make news” in (almost) real time!  Editorial director Ann Derry, quoted in the press release, noted that “We will give viewers unprecedented access to the process: they will see reports and editors, discussing the stories they are working on as they are reporting them, even before they appear in the paper and online.”  Adding this exclusive type of video content is an excellent way for newspapers to demonstrate their added value.

TimesCast is broadcasted everyday at 1pm, Eastern Standard Time.  Check out yesterday’s “pilot” video here.  A few of the issues on the table: health care, Israeli settlements and the Rio Tinto mining case.

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