What if electricity were unplugged?

This contribution comes from the Philippines.  Corey Cruz is a creative who has worked at TBWA\Manila, where she brought a top prize for best film for Absolut Vodka during the “Very Short Very Cheap Film Festival”.  She is today the Artisitc Director for digital media at BBDO/Proximity in the Philippines.

Corey Cruz

In the 1890s, Nikola Tesla demonstrated that phosphorescent and  incandescent lamps could be made to light up even without direct  physical contact to a power source via interconnecting wires. He  later on designed the Tesla Tower in New York, with a dream of  wireless power transmission on a grand scale. His plans were never  completed, and since then we’ve lived in a tangled web woven of  electric lines, transmisson cables, power cords, and chargers.
A decade ago it was unthinkable for nearly everyone to have a  wireless mobile telephone, but what if we no longer had to root  around for the power cord every time our cellphone battery ran low?  What if we had electric cars that were made to charge simply by  leaving it at the parking slot? What if your laptop, aside from  connecting on Wi-Fi, could run on WiTricity? This year, a group called the Wireless Power Consortium proposed just that, with its announcement of an electromagnetic resonance charging system that  allows for safe, wireless energy transfer between devices.
Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity, explained the system in detail and gave  a demonstration at his talk in TED 2009. Could Tesla’s dream still  become a reality? Here’s to a brighter, unplugged future for all.


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