What if digital became more sensual?


Today, I discovered Planetary, an impressive (free) iPad application. Planetary allows users to not only listen to music, but to see it as a 3D galaxy, starring, well, the stars! The idea is that every artist corresponds to a star, and every album, a planet. When you press play, the orbit (the length of a song) is visualized. The more famous the artist, the bigger the planet and the star, creating a specific galaxy. In addition to being very beautiful, Planetary offers a real musical experience. As the said in Wired, this

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is an excellent way into tactile and visual objects. Bloom Studio, it’s creator, is convinced of its potential and even sees it as a quasi revolutionnary device that can give a different dimension to digital data, as he says “it would let you explore and participate in social networks, video streaming services, and location-based applications in a whole new way!”.

In my opinion, this innovative type of visualization has an enormous potential. Planetary makes me think of Invisible Cities, a project where users can construct their own virtual city in real time thanks to data from Twitter and Flickr. The result is impressive, as we can see in the below video. Planetary and Invisible Cities are shaking up the establishment by giving a more entertaining and more sensual experience. Here’s to ‘humanizing’ the digital.


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