What if class beat boorishness?


Beyonce is classy.  Kanye West, who Obama referred to as a “jackass”, is boorish (see above video).  This presidential declaration was told to the ABC journalist, Telly Moran, in a tweet sent to his 1 million followers, before being rapidly pulled in the name of “off the record”.

This past week in New York, Kanye West’s bad behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards has been the talk o the town.  As Tyler Swift was accepting her award, Kanye rushed the stage to say that Beyonce (in the audience) had the best video “of all time”.  His phrase “I’m gonna let you finish, but…” quickly became a meme that has been illustrated with multiple “Kanyewesteries” online, and has become an office catchphrase, offline replique montre.

Even if Kanye has won the Boorish Jackass award, in spite of his recantations and apologies, the grand prize for classiness goes to Beyonce who, on stage to receive the night’s big prize, brought Tyler Swift back up to finish her acceptance speech.

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