What if celebrity stalking could bring in business (and Alyssa Milano)?

Thanks, @reneebani who tipped me off to this interesting viral campaign.

For these past few days, Michael Krivicka, Viral Branding Director at the New York based hotshop Thinkmodo, has been seeking viral fame via his twitter persona @whoisthebaldguy.  From what I’ve seen, his strategy consists of reaching out to other celebrities on Twitter to get them to follow him.  Below, one of the videos meant to entice actress Alyssa Milano to follow, from his aptly named website http://www.alyssamilanopleasefollowmeontwitter.com:


Not bad.

The strategy seems to be working, as “The Bald Guy” has been receiving a good amount of press coverage.  I am sure that his agency is also benefitting from the buzz.  As Joshua Cohen at Tubefilter aptly points out, this strategy was most recently used to great effect by Old Spice, when Isaiah Mustafa responded to twitterers (see my post on this operation here).  In terms of humor and viral effectiveness, Old Spice has the Bald Guy beat.  This still doesn’t make what he’s doing less ambitious.  I wonder though, when we will tire of seeing these types of viral buzz video operations?

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