What if car pooling was as easy as an iPad app?


Have you heard of Avego? This is the easiest and safest way to organize real-time carpooling via a simple iPhone application available on mobile devices or on computers. This is a revolution in shared collective transport. Avego constantly connects supply and demand of car pooling by locating cars for potential passengers who share the same destination. What’s more, the system identifies the driver (via a code generation) and calculates in real time the money that should be shared on gas. Avego is the brainchild of an Irish group that specializes in optimizing transport however, it is currently being tested in Seattle, Washington in a project titled GO520. Both driver and passenger can grade each other (a 5-star rating being the highest) based on the quality of the shared ride. If both passenger and driver give the other a 1-star rating, then Avego will not put them in contact with each other.

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This is a great way to carpool with people you have preselected!

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