What if Brazil were this coming decade’s guiding light?

Is Lula stronger than Obama?  Even the (furtive) presence of the American President in support of Chicago, could not quell the poor relations between the International Olympic Committee and its American section (USOC).  The argument for the “first city of the South American continent” to host the Olympics as well as the presence of Lula and Pelé brought Rio to the final rounds, facing Madrid.  See the two below pitch videos: “Vision” (live your passion), conventional in content but very esthetic in its form, and the 3D visit of future infrastructures (11.6 billion dollars, a larger budget than any of the other cities in the running).  After hosting the World Cup in 2014, Brazil, who is weathering the financial crisis with an 8% growth rate and a historic low unemployment rate has what it takes to be the next big thing for this decade.



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