What if we blipped Obama?

Blippar is an augmented reality solution that avoids scanning QR codes, which are usually not esthetically pleasing.  I’ve already blogged about its launch in 2011 (“What if Blippar meant the end of QR Codes?”) and of its partnership with Tesco in the UK (“What if coupons got a lot more exciting?”). After having successfully teamed up with Heinz, Samsung, and Cadbury, Blippar now makes it easy to say, we got your back, Obama!

Blippar | We got ur back, Obama!


Blippar puts its app in the service of the President to aid the National Democratic Committee to support Obama. If like me, you’ve already downloaded the Blippar app on your iPhone, all it takes is to scan a $5 bill or the Obama logo, and the app allows you to sign up to volunteer, gives content that helps everyone rally to the cause, makes it easy to donate to the fund, and lets you take an awesome picture of yourself high-fiving the POTUS. It’s a lot cheaper than what the Hollywood celebrities got at the Los Angeles fundraising dinner last Sunday night, where everyone paid, oh, a mere $25 GRAND a pop to have a photo taken with the man I keep hoping will remain the President of the United States. 😉


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