What if all actors pierced the screen?

Do you remember the scene in The Purple Rose of Cairo when Tom Baxter jumps out of the screen to seduce Cecila, played by Mia Farrow?  Well, here’s the advertising version that made the Ad Age homepage.  This is pure Media Arts, the kind that the amazing Lee Clow (worldwide head of creative for TBWA) so very much loves.

So what’s this about?  The agency Johannes Leonardo created for the clothing store Daffy’s (“High Fashion – Low Price”) the first “Live in Cinema” advertisement (see above).  During a showing for Mira Nair’s Amelia at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York, the ad becomes a living spectacle; with the dancers leaving the screen to continue dancing live, after having “overdressed” for little money.  This is an embodiment of Disruption.  As said by Daffy’s director of marketing, Will Brache “Marketing Disruption has become incredibly popular”—who will create a montage of the live ads with the reactions audience members.  Until then, he can enjoy the buzz that this disruptive ad is getting on the blogs, including this one ;-).


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