What if a proverbial wallet helped you get your proverbial act together?

Special thanks to Anne Sophie Robert (@AnnesoR on Twitter) a Parisian Strategic Planner and author of the blog “Plug-in U all“ for showing me this fantastic initiative straight from MIT’s Information Design Ecology lab: the Proverbial Wallet.  Now more than ever, consumers pay online or through automatic transfers.  Although this saves time, people are less and less conscious of the amount money leaving their account.

The Proverbial Wallet allows consumers to manage their personal finances in a more concrete and intuitive way.  These are actual wallets that are electronically linked to a user’s bank account.  At the moment, three prototypes are currently in development: The “Mother Bear” is equipped with a hinge that, as your account dwindles, closes tighter and tighter on your wallet, making it harder to open; the “Bumblebee” buzzes anytime your bank processes a transaction (also useful for detecting credit card fraud); and finally the “Peacock” swells and shrinks to reflect your assets. The Proverbial Wallet is one of the many honest objects thought up and championed by John Kestner.  Honest objects are everyday objects that connect the digital world to the analog world.  These inventions harness the instantaneousness of the data-rich digital world and marry it to our tactile experience of the physical world.  This idea is fascinating and John Kestner’s blog absolutely warrants a visit.  Enjoy ;-)!

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