What if a product’s ads lived up to its performance?


In the Philippines, the pain reliever Saridon (made by Bayer) boasts relief in 15 minutes. Saridon’s agency, BBDO Guerrero/Proximity Philippines (workplace of Corey Cruz, winner of the Killer Idea of 2009 with her post “What if Electricity were Unplugged?”) decided to do what their product does: get the job done in 15 minutes!  Beating a Guinness world record, the agency put up a billboard on a Manila skyscraper in 15 minutes flat.

This performance reminds me of the “Vertical Football” billboard for Adidas created by TBWA in Japan in 2006 (see video below).  This is the archetype of Media Arts: the art of using traditional media in a unique way to create earned media, for more information, see my post on this subject from last week.


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