What if a little tweet provoked (very) big results?


Seen on the blog BlogoErgoSum thanks to a tweet from @jeanlucr, sent by @eogez, a post about big operations on Twitter led by brands.  I was already familiar with LiveStrong and BestBuy on Twitter, which have already become business school cases (and have been awarded at the last Cannes Advertising Festival) but I was not aware of the Wheat Thins case.  This cracker brand is using Twitter to reward clients who tweet about their brands. After the discovering the following Tweet: “AAAAH! I am out of wheat thins, my life is officially over”, representatives for the brand hopped into their Wheat Thin-mobile and surprised the unsuspecting tweeter with a 5 year supply of the iconic cracker!  All in a day’s work for “The Crunch is Calling” squad, whose mission is to react, IRL to Wheat Thins related tweets.  Very cool!


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