What if a condom was the price to pay for a good life?


Next Wednesday is World AIDS Day.  For this occasion, AIDES, France’s first anti HIV/AIDS organization has released “A Life”, its latest film, aimed at the general public.  Unlike AIDES most recent film, the wildly popular “Zizi Graffiti”, which was made for a youth audience, “A Life” is a more serious look at the consequences of unprotected sex.  Although the AIDS virus has been around for some 30 years, we still need to be reminded that the disease affects the population at large.  Indeed, the average age at which HIV is detected as of 2008 is 28.2 years.  For women, age of detection has increased from 33.7 years to 36 years of age, for men, the rate has remained stable at 39 years.

The film, produced by TBWA\PARIS, features an elderly man who narrates his life from the end of it, to the beginning of it.  After descriptions of grandchildren, children, a marriage and travelling, we discover that at the age of 20, the narrator became HIV positive and thus, will not have the life that has just been described.  Although a few of the shots in the movie were filmed by the agency, most of it is comprised of home videos, donated anonymously.  The background music is“La Belle Vie” interpreted by the French children’s choir “Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc”.

This film will be shown on French TV, pro bono, December 1st.  I would like to thank everyone in the agency (Marianne, Pierre-Louis, Véronique, Marion, Teddy, Maxime, Guillaume…) as well as the production team “Les Temps Modernes”, headed up by Marie Bordaz (that’s “Bordaz” with a “z”!) and the Director K-Roll and the actor Axel Wursten, all of whom did work completely pro-bono.  Thanks to all who share this beautiful and affecting film on your social networks.

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