What if 2010 marked the age of engagement marketing?


Will engagement marketing become the next big thing in the industry?  This is what NYC-based agency Big Fuel says in the above video that retraces, in 3 minutes, the history of brand communication, from caveman days up to the contemporary era.  The video chronicles the birth of the advertising agency in 1852, direct marketing in 1962, digital agencies in 1993 and finally, with the advent of web 2.0, engagement marketing.

Engagement marketing is the reason why Catherine Michaud created the agency XL\ this year.  Part of the TBWA\FRANCE network, \XL is prinicipally used by Excel, France’s number 1 fundraising agency.  Nowadays, marketing seems to be learning an important tenet of charitable organizations: clients must be motivated to adhere, react and evangelize for a brand on a long-term basis.

Advertising Age has just published its “Book of Ten” best campaigns of the year (click here), these included: Old Spice, Pepsi, Arcade Fire, Domino’s Pizza, Nike, Jay-Z, WWF  and Conan O’Brien, among others.  What did these brands have in common? An ability to engage audiences in a participatory relationship, just like TBWA’s own Pepsi Refresh Project (see below)


As Jeff Greenhouse says in the Ad Age article: “This list is a testament to the massive change in the advertising world over the past 12 months. Just look at how many of these incorporated the audience into the campaigns !”  Incorporating the audience changes the marketing paradigm: from now on, consumers are no longer just the recipients of our messages, they’re engaged and (pro)active participants in a conversation!

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