What if we brought the Big Apple closer to the City of Lights?

Paris vs. New York—A tally of two cities

“Paris vs. New York—A tally of two cities” is a film animated by Tony Miotto (@TonyMiotto) based on the book conceived and designed by Vahram Mutrayan (@parisvsnyc). “Paris vs New York” all began as a blog described as “a friendly visual match between two cities told by a lover of Paris wandering through NewYork: Details, clichés, contradictions.”

I loved the book with its minimalist illustrations of various aspects of the two cities, showing their similarities and differences—and you can’t get any more different than baguette vs bagel, more similar than Paris je t’aime vs New York I love you, nor more minimalist than Novembre vs November.

If you love the two cities as much as I do, you can’t not appreciate this! Shown above is the French edition from 10/18 that I had the pleasure of reading, but a white-jacketed US version is now available from Penguin :)

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