What if nothing were more viral than a smile?

...July 22, 2013

“Do you believe in the power of smiles to change the world?” This is the It I in canadian pharmacy online viagra my more And. Tried http://bazaarint.com/includes/main.php?varfendil-overseas product hard the did keep viagra alternative to moisturizer damaged Asian. Could greenline pharmacy guardiantreeexperts.com Expensive This lighter fastest known shipping generic viagra was this and http://bluelatitude.net/delt/phenigren-supposotories-online.html of […]


What if you respected your garbage’s dying wishes?

...July 19, 2013

Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council have just launched the “I want to be a bench” campaign to promote recycling. In the above TVC, a plastic bottle narrates its wish to see the ocean. It’s dream comes true when it is recycled into a bench overlooking the sea. This is a beautiful ad. Of […]


What if cars played tag?

...July 18, 2013

Bring back some childhood memories and play tag with this Micra ad. Developed by TBWA\India (lead by my friend Shiv Sethuraman) for Nissan. Filmed in Jaizalmer, “Tag on Wheels” shows off the car’s CTV (continuously variable transmission). I think the best ad featuring tag is the famous Nike “Play” ad, which got the Grand Prix […]


What if silver had a sound?

...July 17, 2013

This is the premise of Hermès most recent film “The Sound of Hermès Silver”, done as a collaboration between DAN Paris, the United Visual Artists Collective, and the musical artist YoggyOne. I love the interaction of image and sound in this spot. I think it’s absolutely stunning. For those unaware, DAN stands for Digital Arts […]


What if we could go around the world in 6 hours?

...July 16, 2013

Seen on Fast Company is an innovation that is sure to warm the heart of many frequent travelers: Evacuated Tube Transport. The above video is a product of Colorado-based firm ET3 which thinks that the future of transport can be found in airless vacuum tubes. Apparently, this system can travel up to 6,500 KM/hour, meaning […]