What if this was the dawn of Brand Experience?

...March 3, 2014

I read with great interest the James Surowiecki New Yorker article titled “Twilight of the Brands.” Surowiecki takes on the notion that brands are the most important assets that a company can have. He buttresses this argument with examples of powerhouse brands that have been taken down by a series of mishaps. Citing Lululemon’s failure […]


What if brands learned to say “Thank You”?

...February 11, 2014

Gifts are wonderful things. We love to give them, we love to receive them, and most importantly, gifts create a bond. Successful brands have always found ways to reward loyal and influential customers. Today, there is an even greater incentive for brands to reward their biggest influencers. Why? Because now, influencers have bigger clout than […]


What If Brands Needed the Super Bowl Now More than Ever?

...January 29, 2014

For Sunday’s big event, people have already expressed their anxieties: the weather might turn, there may be security problems, hell there may even be a power outage like last year (although I doubt it). One thing is for sure: for the die-hard football fans, the game will be exciting to the very end, and for the die-hard advertising junkies, […]


What if we had one last click on 2013?

...January 20, 2014

As many of us know, the current digital age has given us an onslaught of nostalgia culture. Some of the nostalgia fetish is a bit much, but what’s so bad about looking back fondly on important moments and learning from them? Which brings me to a very fresh nostalgia: for 2013. We are scarcely a […]


What if we did a better job following directions?

...October 30, 2013

Virgin America put online yesterday its newest in-flight safety video. This will be available onboard flights this Friday. Done as an extremely catchy musical number, this is the rare instructional video that you actually want to watch. Skin all made it reduce little the actually, or put Olive too on. Of course, this is […]