What if money can’t buy everything?

...May 5, 2014

I recently discovered a book thanks to this month’s Books, an excellent French review, which dedicated its cover and several articles to the question, “can money buy everything?” The review places at the forefront the work of Michael J. Sandel published in 2012, entitled What Money Can’t Buy: The moral limits of markets. Author Michael […]

asta philpot video 2

What if we stopped judging people by their appearance?

...April 29, 2014

There are certain advertisements that make me proud to have chosen this career. This video below is one of them, and it should not leave you indifferent. What if you overcame your prejudice? That is the message of this new ad film created by BEING for the Asta Philpot Foundation, which aims to reaffirm – […]

Present Shock: when everything happens now

What if we had to learn to reinhabit the present?

...April 29, 2014

Today’s post is dedicated to Douglas Rushkoff’s Present Shock: When everything happens now. Douglas Rushkoff, expert author of the digital and media world, has written over ten books including The GenX Reader and Open Source Democracy. He is credited for having first coined the term “viral media” in 1994, and for having predicted in 1997 the […]


What if we got business lessons from binge-watching?

...April 25, 2014

Who among us hasn’t binge-watched an entire season of a favorite series? I am in no position to judge those who enjoy wasting a Sunday afternoon curled up with a premium cable drama or a Netflix original comedy. Indeed, there are so many options when it comes to good TV that, to paraphrase David Carr, TV’s […]

What if this were the ad of the future?

...April 25, 2014

[youtube]![/youtube] As you know, I’ve talked about some of the great iAds done for the Nissan Juke and Axa. Now, check out an amazing movie preview iAd done for the upcoming action movie “Tron Legacy”. This iAd is available on the TV Guide and bought to needed 10mg levitra spray Summer clippers “view site” product […]