What if 20 million people attended your wedding?

What if 20 million people attended your wedding?

...August 15, 2009

When Jill, Kevin and their friends had an original idea for making an entrance in the church, on their wedding day, they didn’t think that it would become such a worldwide success.  This is what happens when you have the audacity to challenge a convention that has been in place for centuries.  Gaining over 20 […]


What if we took a picture of Disruption?

...August 4, 2009

Every year, the city of Arles in southern France gives us a photography festival featuring some of the world’s best artists (see the catalogue below).  For the 40th anniversary of the legendary festival, the director Nan Goldin chose to celebrate it under the sign of Disruption!  It’s very funny to note that this term—which in […]

What if nature could save nature?

...July 27, 2009

Oxford.  From the 24th to the 27th of July the European TED (Technology Entertainment & Design) conference was held in the presence of Gordon Brown.  Founded some 25 years ago in California, TED has become the reference for ideas that can change the world—a practical version of Davos.  Among the top ideas this year, is […]

What if art were first and foremost an accident?

...July 20, 2009

The Picasso-Cézanne exhibit in Aix is a prolongation of the Parisian exhibition that was much earlier.  I would have loved to see Les demoiselles d’Avignon by Picasso next to Cézanne’s The Bathers (see below).  Was the idea that cubism was borrowed from Cézanne, perhaps the result of a misunderstanding?  This takes its source from a […]

What if we put advertising money in advertising?

...June 4, 2009

The top prize in poster campaigns at the Cannes Advertising Festival was given to TBWA in South Africa (TBWA\Hunt Lascaris), for their campaign for the daily newspaper “The Zimbabwean”.  This opposition newspaper has not only been forced into exile in South Africa, but it is also victim to a 55% “luxury import tax,” making its […]