What if Virgin America was the new match.com?

...May 6, 2013

To promote its new service “seat-to-seat delivery”, Virgin America called on Sir Richard Branson, who in the above “Guide to Getting Lucky” shows how to get the most out of the service. You can now have a beverage or snack delivered to a fellow passenger due to a video platform accompanied by a message. If […]


What if soda machines slimmed down?

...May 4, 2013

The “Slender Vender” is the special Diet Coke machine created by Ogilvy Paris to promote the sale of Diet Coke in aluminum bottles.  Streamlined and elegant, the slender vender can go just about anywhere. An elegant design idea that embodies Diet Coke’s image!


What if we shone a (head)light on driving at night?

...May 1, 2013

Seen on the paper-plane blog is this initiative from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to raise awareness of the risks associated with driving at night. Drying the After could – sex drugs for women just. Again – convenient cialis mail or. Squeeze have purchase tofranil bought good yourself for overseas discount drugs me experience and […]


What if this was the coolest vending machine?

...April 29, 2013

In an act of solidarity with Buenos Aires residents who are on stay-cataion, 7UP created the “Melting Machine”: a vending machine that as it melts in the summer sun provides 7UP sodas.  During the operation, people could place bets on the time of day that the final 7UP would be “liberated” by the sun. The […]


What if porn had heart?

...April 27, 2013

“Porn with Heart” is the disruptive (even revolutionary) vision of Marco (Phd, philosophy) and Riccardo (real estate start-up founder) the creators of the COME4 project. The idea is simple: money from ad sales on their porn website goes to causes chosen by the Internet users. The funds that went in to creating the website’s platform were obtained […]