What if class beat boorishness?

...September 20, 2009

[dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xaj7lb_quand-obama-insulte-kanye-west-de-j_news[/dailymotion] Beyonce is classy.  Kanye West, who Obama referred to as a “jackass”, is boorish (see above video).  This presidential declaration was told to the ABC journalist, Telly Moran, in a tweet sent to his 1 million followers, before being rapidly pulled in the name of “off the record”. This past week in New York, […]

What if local currency could restart a local economy?

...September 18, 2009

Travelling to New York (OpenSkies, of course! So much better and cheaper, and I say that not just because this is a client of TBWA\Consulting 😉 ), I read a fascinating article in the newspaper Le Monde, entitled “My neighborhood, my money” (mon quartier, ma monnaie, in French), explaining that in the South London neighborhood […]

What if we (re) learned to wait?

...September 16, 2009

After abolishing space, new technologies have abolished time.  Ubiquity, allowed by transportation, telephone and Internet has come to a climax with Twitter, offering everything, right away, here and now—at the risk of losing oneself in the absolute instantaneousness.  As the urbanist Paul Virilio has stated: “How can we live here, if all is now?”  Yet, […]

What if electricity were unplugged?

...September 13, 2009

This contribution comes from the Philippines.  Corey Cruz is a creative who has worked at TBWA\Manila, where she brought a top prize for best film for Absolut Vodka during the “Very Short Very Cheap Film Festival”.  She is today the Artisitc Director for digital media at BBDO/Proximity in the Philippines. Corey Cruz In the 1890s, […]

What if Abu Dhabi eclipsed Dubai in terms of sustainable development?

...September 6, 2009

For how long will Dubai, the city of “material capital”, resist the rise of Abu Dhabi, the city that is positioning itself as a “cultural capital”?  We’ll wait to see if Eithad airlines will by Emirates, and after having passed deals with the Sorbonne, the Louvre and Franck Gehry to construct a new Guggenheim museum, […]