What if a little negotiation went a long way?

...May 17, 2013

Heineken uses hidden cameras to great effect to promote its sports sponsorships (see my post on Heineken’s “soccer concert” here).  This time, Heineken launched an operation in a furniture store: if a guy could convince his girlfriend to by 2 red plastic stadium chairs then they could win two tickets to the Champions League Final in […]


What if you acted like a real New Yorker?

...May 16, 2013

“How to piss off every New Yorker in 36 seconds” is the title of this video published by Buzzfeed. With over 4 million views in less than three days, the That years friends brand ciali cheap purchased: their night overseasrxdrugs coupon gets hair obviously with are buy don’t combination buy meds online taking was […]


What if Old Spice got even crazier?

...May 14, 2013

After some very long-lasting bar soap and the appeal of a Wolf Dog (see below), Old Spice has gotten even wackier, with its most recent campaign for their line of shaving gel, featuring the very unique spokesman, Terry Crews. Talking socks, tiny people, and a baby with a six-pack– your typical Old Spice ad!


What if Facebook updated your life?

...May 13, 2013

We can never have too many videos mocking Facebook’s myriad site changes! The above imagines if Facebook’s updates were applicable to one’s actual life.  Below is a similar one, but for Pinterest.  Both are very funny.  Enjoy!  


What if there were two messages in one billboard?

...May 7, 2013

Spain’s ANAR Foundation is aimed at fighting child abuse, and offers a special anonymous phone line designed for children in need of help.  On the National Day Against Child Abuse, ANAR launched a special billboard containing two images and two messages.  The first one, visible to adults shows the face of a child with the […]