Monthly Archives: October 2013


What if we did a better job following directions?

Virgin America put online yesterday its newest in-flight safety video. This will be available onboard flights this Friday. Done as an extremely catchy musical number, this is the rare instructional video that you actually want to watch.

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Of course, this is not the first time Virgin America has looked to humorous and creative means to communicate safety information. In 2007,

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Virgin America released the animated video below for their safety instructions. It’s these small details that make the Virgin America experience so famous. Where will they go next?


What if one creative tool hid another one?


On the heels of the launch of the iPad Air: slimmer, lighter and more powerful– comes the TVC from TBWA\Media Arts Lab Los Angeles. Bryan Cranston reminds us that Apple has always been making products that serve creation. If you want to learn more about the iPad Air, listen to Jonathan Ive (SVP Desgin) and Dan Riccio (SVP Hardware Engineering) in the below video!



What if solidity returned to automobile advertising?


I wonder if the current economic crisis is bringing back our taste for longevity and solidity? Volkswagen has released an excellent ad for the TIGUAN in France. An adaptation of an ad from 2011 by the agency Deutsch Los Angeles, it is the best demonstration of Volkswagen’s ad voice: a humorous demonstration about the sturdiness of the vehicle. Solidity, is also the theme of the newest TATA Motors campaign in Indonesia, with the “Play Strong” spot below.