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What if your ideas killed?

Big news! My book L’idée qui Tue! has just been translated into English as The Killer Idea.  We got our first shipment in the mail today, and I must say I am thrilled to be able to share this labor of love with my non French-speaking friends and colleagues.  Although not yet available in paperback form, you can download the book as a an E-book on iTunes or on the website of Eyrolles, my publisher.

As some of you may already know, the inspiration for this book dates back many years, when I began looking at what went in to a good idea, and examining why some last years while others disappear.  Using over 25 years of experience in advertising and communications, I decided to put these observations and knowledge down on paper.  I examine the keys to ideologies such as Christianity, environmentalism, and “Apple Mania.”
To give you a taste of the book, let me share with you my 10 commandments for developing your ideas.

1.Take advantage of the Context.

Start with the notion that any idea can take off if it uses its context in an intelligent and appropriate way. Before, during, and after its launch, it is very important to analyze how the cultural and competitive environment will help or hinder its development.

2. Subvert and Destroy

Give your idea the maximum amount of subversive power, in both style and substance, to allow it to make a splash.

3.  Find a Spokesperson

Remember: you are the creator of the idea, not necessarily its spokesperson. Find the best ambassadors to endorse your idea.

4. Work on your Intro

You only get one first impression.

5.  Find a Great Slogan

Find a slogan that allows the idea to be memorized and spread.

6.  Use Strong Symbols

Give your idea a name and a symbol that will make it easier to spread and harder to copy.

7.  Tell a Story, Write a Manifesto

Ask yourself what story you want to tell and write a manifesto to anchor the idea in its origins.

8.  Prove it. Then prove it, again.

Give a reason to believe through acts, experiences and other tangible elements, and turn your witnesses into apostles.

9.  Look to Free Media.

Give free media a priority by using paid media in the most spectacular way possible to create buzz.

10. Keep up your network

Maintain communities of people who can spread ideas and keep them relevant.

I would like to thank Samantha Fields, my American project manager, who did a first class job translating the original book into English as well as Corey Cruz, whose editing skills were of great help during revisions.

Of course, this book wouldn’t be possible without the team at Eyrolles Publishing: Marie Paris Allevena, Elodie Bourdon, Matthieu Montaudouin, and Sylvie Chauveau.  Thank you for once again delivering a high-quality paperback and E-Book.  Enjoy!

What if we sang a duet with Siri?

What if we sang a duet with Siri?


Siri, the iPhone 4S’s revolutionary vocal service is already becoming a cultural phenomenon. People are now filming “dialogues” between themselves and their Siri’s. Thus far my favorite is the above video where the singer Jonathan Mann sings a very silly duet with his Siri.

For all those still in need of a Siri demo, check out the video below for

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the basics.


What if you could build your own chocolate snack?

What if you could build your own chocolate snack?


Last night was the inauguration of the Salon du Chocolat in Paris. This annual event celebrates

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all things chocolate: from conferences on cocoa, books about chocolate and of course live demonstrations and tasting of chocolate recipes by chefs! In celebration of this sweet event, check out the above video, done by the French designer Elsa Lambinet

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that imagines customizable chocolates. Yum!

What if Ben Ali Reappeared in Tunisia?

What if Ben Ali Reappeared in Tunisia?


As you may know, on October 23, Tunisia will hold elections for a Constituent Assembly.  To remind the citizens of how important voting for the assembly is, Mehdi Lamloun, creative and candidate for the Constiutent Assembly, sent the above video on my French Twitter account.  A chilling reminder of the importance of voting.

What if you quit in style?

What if you quit in style?



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on MinuteBuzz, is the above video of Joey, an employee at a hotel in Providence, RI and his very stylish leave. Hiring the peppy marching band What Cheer he does a classy take on the “take this job and shove it” routine. His manager doesn’t seem to be too in on the fun, but oh well. Made me laugh!