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What if we imagined the taxi of tomorrow?

Special thanks to @uzful, who tweeted this initiative found on the blog Green Things.

Check out the Smaxi, thought-up by inventor Steven M. Johnson. As you may imagine, the Smaxi is a Smart car taxi, perfect for quick trips around the city, and more fuel effecient than the cars currently used by most cab companies. Johnson submitted this as an idea for the New York City Taxi & Limousine Comission’s project “Taxi of Tomorrow” that

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encouraged people to design the NYC cab of the future.

Here are a few other designs submitted by Johnson, that while very cool are a little far-fetched. Enjoy!

What if 3D was a little too real?


Bud Light’s newest campaign higlights the risks associated with 3D ads.  Indeed, the technology can sometimes be a little too convincing for at-home viewers!

Below, check out the new iPhone 4 ad from TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Media Arts Lab. With AT&T and now Verizon, you can double your pleasure :)


What if we supported a free Tunisian press?

I’ve been learning a lot about the events in Tunisia thanks in large part to the Franco-Tunisian community on Twitter (thanks especially to @Hedia), and I’ve started to wonder what I and others could do to help out, in this period before any major NGO gets on the ground.

You can then imagine how thrilled I was to hear about the project done by French online paper Rue 89 to support freedom of the press in Tunisia. Teaming up with the online store ComBoutique Rue 89 has created a line of t-shirts and mugs for sale. 7 € from the sale will be donated to support the creation of a free Tunisian press. As of now, a recipient for the funds has not yet been

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chosen, but the paper will keep its readers abreast of it’s activities as well as of the fate of the monies. To participate, click here.

What if we only took what was essential?

What if we only took what was essential?


The Canadian non-profit communications agency Manifest shot the above video of their move.  For the three block move, employees paraded huge block letters that contained the key most important issues of the agency: “Health Care”, “Justice” and “Human Rights” were on prominent display as the agency changed its headquarters.  Enjoy what Manifest refers to as “the first-ever issues parade”! :-)

What if you got a poster delivery?

What if you got a poster delivery?


Seen on AmsterdamAdBlog, this Brand Content operation done by Océ printers is a “documentary” (more truthy than true) about two entrepreneurs who run a business called “Instant Poster Power”. Travelling through Australia in a van, the two make printers on site for the various people they meet. Not a bad way to make a printer interesting.

You can go on to their website Instant Poster Power and upload an image onto their “poster wall”. I decided

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to use a photo I took of the Eiffel Tower (I know, very original :) ) and see what it looked like on their studio wall. Not bad…